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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  January 9, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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perspective? >> correct. >> and are they tied to 19th or march 5th. >> they haven't outlined the date. that's song we will work with congress on. but those are the four areas that they all agreed at the conclude of meeting to narrow the scope and the focus to. john. >> how confident are you that those four things will remain part of phase one of this process. senator feinstein possible illustrated the idea of doing a clean daca bill custom the president first seemed to embrace before -- >> he embraced only if you look at what the president's definition of a clean daca bill is. and within that bill, he thinks that you have to include not just fixing -- not just fixing daca, but closing the loopholes and making sure we have a solution on that front so we don't create a problem and find ourselves right back where we started in one, two, three years later. >> which is clearly different than her perspective on a clean daca bill, because she clearly
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stated she thinks they should do a clean daca bill, handle the d.r.e.a.m.ers and then handle border security as part of comprehensive immigration reform. is the president setting him up here for a situation where the democrats say no let's just do daca and security on the other side. >> i think the president is setting himself up to achieve what everybody in that room agreed they wanted to see happen, and that is a deal on daca, a deal or border security, talking about about chain migration, and visa lottery. that's where we are in this process, those are the four principles. matthew. >> thanks, two quick questions if i may. the democrats said of a the meeting that they support border security measures and their understanding is that the president uses the wall wall and border security interchangeably. is that true? >> we certainly believe that the wall is part of border security. that's one component of it. we firmly, again, believe that border security has to be part of this negotiation and part of
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this deal. >> then just very quickly, is there any update from the white house on the process of deciding if and if so, how bump stocks should be regulated? we haven't touched on it in a while. >> i know that was something that the atf was doing a full review on and we anticipate the results of that to come back and we'll certain make a decision once that's been done. but department of justice asked that that take place. blake? >> during that meeting the president also talked about earmarks saying it could lower hostility here in d.c. and lead to both sides coming together. is he not concerned also it could also lead to runaway spending. >> the president said you have to be careful with that and you have to have controls on earmarks. the broader point the president was making is that partisan politics have become a progress in washington. we have gotten to a place where democrats and republicans are fighting more than they are fixing and he wants to find different ways to bring more and more democrats and republicans to work together on legislation,
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to move our country forward. and he threw that out as one suggestion on how we might be able to do that. >> is the president expected to or is he planning on making this an annual event, him going to davos? and do you have any details on what days? i believe it is a four-day event, when he might actually go? >> we are finalizing the details exactly when the president will be there. we don't have any commitments beyond this year at this point. as we said earlier today in a statement, the president will attend. and he welcomes the opportunity to go there and advance his america first agenda with world leaders and he is very much looking forward to being part of that process. mart. >> sarah, my question, not shocking, also on davos. during the campaign, the trump campaign made the decision not to go due to concern of the time. was that -- this was viewed by some as a gathering of global elites, that wasn't his message to his base. obviously your thinking has
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evolved about who it is a message for. >> our thinking hasn't changed at all. just to be extremely clear, the president's message is very much the same here, as it will be there. just the same as it was here as it was when he made many stops in asia. this is very much an america first agenda. the president is still 100% focussed and committed to promoting policies that promote strength for american businesses the american worker. that's going to be the same whether he is in the u.s. or any other place. >> what i wanted to ask also is do you have a fuller picture of that u.s. delegation that you could share with us at this time? >> we are finalizing the details. but you can expect that a number of senior members of the cabinet and administration will be part of this event. some will stay for a more extended period of time than the president. >> any leaders that he will meet with. >> we are finalizing the trip.
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as the details are hkd in we will make sure you are well aware. >> ivanka trump praised oprah effusively, let's all come together, women and men, say time's up. is that the message from if white house, the support this time's up movement? >> look, i think the message from the white house is obviously that everyone should come together. i think you saw a example the president's leadership in that evident by bringing democrats and republicans together to talk about a very contentious issue, one that's gone on for years. the debate never ended in real solutions. we are trying to move that forward, whether it is on immigration or a number of other issues. inthe president is showing his leadership on that front and we are going to continue to look for ways to bring the country together. >> have you been on the campaign of a political outsider, what advice would you give a political outsider who seems intrigued into i the idea of running? >> i'm not going to focus on anyone's campaign other than president trump's re-election. i'm sure if she decides to run,
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which i think the president states he doesn't feel she will i'm sure she will have help with that. >> is she qualified? >> i disagree very much on her policies. is she a successful individual? absolutely. but in terms of where she stand on a number of positions, i would find a lot of problems with that. but that would be something she would have to determine and lay out if she made a decision to run and what that campaign would look like. michael. >> can i ask a question about phase two of the immigration issue as the president laid out today. so once you get past the daca debate and some of these other issues, senator lindsey graham seems to lay on table the idea of something that senator graham supports, which is a comprehensive plan that could include a path to citizenship for 11 or 12 million or however you down them people who are illegal in this country. and the president seemed to respond let's go for it.
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so something along those lines. are we to believe the president is committed to try to get to a pat to citizenship for all 11 million illegal americans in the country, once did -- >> right now our focus is on the things that were laid out. those where the negotiation is, face one. that's our focus and our priority. we are certainly open to talking about a number of other issues when it comes to immigration. but right now this administration is focused on those four things and that negotiation and not a lot else at this front. zeke. >> thanks sarah. overnight news came out that the north koreans will be sending a delegation to the olympics in south korea. does the white house have any response to that? will it have any impact on the american participation in the games? first firstly. and secondly, a comment on sheriff joe arpaio. >> firstly, it doesn't affect the u.s. participation in the olympics. the north korean participation is an opportunity for the regime to see the value of ending its
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international isolation by denuclearizing. we hope we can continue to move forward on that. certainly doesn't affect our participation. >> announce the delegation soon? >> yes, we do. that will happen probably in the coming days. we will make sure again we keep all of you guys certainly in the loop. >> sheriff joe arpaio running for the senator. the president pardoning him. is the white house supportive of his candidacy? >> as you know, i can't comment on the specifics of any election, voicing support for a candidate in a race like that. >> is the appropriate for somebody who has been pardoned for a crime to run. >> i'm not going the weigh in on that race or make comments on something that might effect that run. >> what is comprehensive immigration reform mean to this white house? >> again, our focus like i told michael is those four securities, border security, ending complain migration, ending the visa lottery system,
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and coming up with a permanent solution to daca. that's where we are focused. and that's what we are going to be committed to during this negotiation process. >> as much as the president today seemed to say okay let's going going on to comprehensive immigration reform in the afternoon. >> he said once we get through this process, he said let's get this deal done, then we'll take an hour off and then we will move onto the next phase of the negotiation. right now this administration is focused on those things and making sure we get that deal done. then we will move on from that point. >> has the president not decided what comprehensive immigration reform means to him? >> i'm not going to debate it with you from the podium. this is something he agreed to led by mccarthy and the president in this meeting that this would be the focus coming out of today. let's get a deal on this and then we will move forward and talk other things. jessica. >> there is a meeting of trade officials i understand at the white house today concerning the trade agenda for 2018.
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what is -- how much will trade and trade action particularly against china be part of the trump administration agenda this year? >> we are going to continue to push for making sure we have the best deals possible, certainly deal that benefit the american worker. when we have specifics on that following meetings that take place we will keep you aware. but our position is going to be to continue to fight for and push for better trade deals that benefit this country and american workers. jordan. >> on north korea, if you could clarify, the delegation we are sending are jared and ivanka going? >> i didn't announce the delegation. i said we would have that announce member in the coming days and that will be when we release the names of who is attending. jordan. >> thanks sarah. it's unusual for us in the press corps to have a front row seat to these kinds of negotiations in the cabinet room for about an hour. whose decision was it to allow the press to witness that negotiation and what was the goal of having us sit there and watch?
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>> to be clear you weren't there for the entire negotiation because the deal didn't take place until of a you guys left. but i think a number of individuals in the room felt it was a good thing to let you see the cooperation and the conversation between both sides and see how we are working and leading to move the ball down the field and come up with some real solutions. john. >> thank you, sarah. going back to the wall. last summer, the head of the mexican governor's association said that when the president started talking about a price tag on building the wall, that meant he had given up on his idea of making mexico pay for it. now, in his remarks in tennessee and in his recent speeches, the president has talked about the cost of the wall. and there has been no mention of his asked phrase, and mexico will pay for it. has the president abandoned the
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idea of mexico paying for the wall? >> no, he hasn't. >> thank you sarah. on trade again. on negotiations on that that will start again at the end of january in montreal. listening to the president in tennessee yesterday, is he more hopeful? does he still olympian on scrapping the deal if he can't get everything he wants? >> look, the president as he have we've said many times before, wants to make sure that we have a deal that benefits america and american workers. and we are going to continue through that process and make sure that whatever we do, we get the best deal possible. >> is he a little more hopeful than he was six months ago. >> look, i think the president is hopeful we can get a better deal. that's why he ran for president is to make sure he is pushing an agenda that helps americans, particularly helps american workers. and he's hoping to close a lot of those trade deficits and get rid of some of the bad trade deals we have had in the past. >> thanks sarah. when the president declined to
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certified the iran nuclear deal a couple months ago he said he needed to see action in congress and from american allies. has he seen enough of that action? it's possible on the legislative fix that the president might be willing to not reimpose sanctions? >> we haven't made a final decision on that. we certainly will in the coming days. we will make sure once again that you guys are some of the first to know. peter. >> if the president wants a -- why don't he drop the demand for the border wall and deal with d.r.e.a.m.ers alone? >> because he wants to have a whole solution to the problem. the president wants to make sure we have a clean solution to that front and that's what we are going to do. >> what does the president say to a 24-year-old from houston, he's a paramedic, who has been working in this country to help
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make american lives better who are waiter for congress who may make a decision to ship him out to a country he doesn't know. >> he says the same thing, i'm bringing the leaders to the table. he says he was confident they would come together and get it done. that's what we are going to do. >> about last night -- >> i'm going to keep moving. >> sarah, over the holidays the president terminated the tenure of the members of the hwda. does he wants to see those positions refilled. >> we will looking at options and we will keep you posted if we was an announcement on that front. >> is he going to add any stops the davos trip? is he going to address the group there? >> there aren't any plans for additional stops. we will keep you posted on all the details of the schedule. >> first does the white house have any reaction to the testimony that was released today by senator fine tine's
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office regarding the dossier? >> i haven't had any conversations with anybody specific to that front. >> if i could follow up on the immigration meetings today, is the president concerned about the differences that democrats and republicans have when it comes to defining i phrases like border security? >> they have a lot of things that they green on. that's what we are going to focus on. again i am not going to negotiate with you guys. i laid out what the principles and the priorities are and what all the individuals in the meeting today agreed to narrow the scope to. that's what we are going to continue to push for. jake. >> thank you sarah. first of all on border security we are hearing a lot about immigration. how big of a role does drug trafficking play right now vis-a-vis the president and congress it is a factor. it is a one of the reasons that the president is very committed to border security. he wants to stop the influx of drugs coming into this country. >> it's going to be more than just the wall bus drugs are easily flung over a wall, right?
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>> correct. border security is more than just the wall. >> and about the report that mueller is expecting to be sitting down with the president in the come weeks. what do you have to tell us about that? >> the same thing that we have said many times before, that the white house is not going to comment on communications with the special counsel out of respect for the special counsel and his process. but we are going to continue to be in full cooperation with him. charlie. >> thank you, sarah. a lot of immigration critics believe the deal by its nature is considered to be amnesty. does the white house believe daca is amnesty? >> no. and we believe that this is an important part of the process and again one that we are committed to finding a solution for. steve. >> yes, sarah, has president trump been briefed by president moon on the negotiations that the south koreans had with the north koreans? and what would this white house like to see as the next steps from pyongyang? >> i think certainly the next steps would be denuclearization
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of the korean peninsula is our number one priority. and certainly what we would like to see. we are in very close contacts with our south korean allies about these conversations. the president spoke with moon over the weekend. i don't believe they have spoken since then, but i know officials from our administration have been in touch with official from the south korean side. jim. >> just to be perfectly clear on this, does the president want a wall in exchange for giving those d.r.e.a.m.ers protection? >> the president wants border security. just to be clear. >> what does border security entail? does it include the wall at this stage? or could the wall wait until later? >> the wall is one of the pieces, as well as technology, and a number of other things that have been laid out by the department of homeland security. i believe that secretary nielsen spoke about that pretty extensively at the meeting today.
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and that pouring was cuffed by you all during that time frame. >> the wall has to be part of a deal in order for these d.r.e.a.m.ers to have protection. >> border security has to be part of the process. why we want to secure or border, i absolutely do. the safety and security of the people of this country are the president's number one priority and the number one priority when it comes to anything that he does. >> i under how the wall can be different than border security. >> no, i don't. >> border security could be agents, more fencing, doesn't mean a physical wall. >> that's part of the negotiation we expect congress to have. >> but democrats are not going to be in favor of this kind of deal. >> if democrats around in favor of protecting american citizens i think we have hit a sad day in american history. i don't believe that to be the case because as we heard many of them say as they sat around the table when many of you were in the room they do want border security. they arer to it. and most of them voted for it
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previously before this legislation hit the wall. >> but negotiations for the wall. >> j i'm not negotiating with you. i will let congress handle that. >> back to davos. can you tell house you this this decision came about? was there any parts of it related to xi jinping's appearance last year. he kind of seemed to take center stage and step into a kind of space that had been left open by the u.s.? >> no. i think it's about the president once again welcoming the opportunity to talk about the america first agenda. and that's what his plan is to do. and that's the main reason that he's going there is to continue to promote and talk about that with the world leaders that will attend and some of the obviously leaders of the economy. >> does the president have a
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thick set of set of principles and priorities for immigration reform or does he think that's something he should be flexible on when it comes to that. >> we are going to do that with congress. wiehl we have laid out what we want right now and we will make announcement beyond those four priorities that we have laid out. >> the president said robert mueller's investigation makes our country look foolish. what does he mean specifically by making the country look foolish? >> i think had he we waste the amount of time that we have on something like this that's been very clear from the beginning that there is absolutely nothing to, if we want to look at places where there may be collusion i think our administration has outlined where we think any special counsel should be focused. it's certainly not on this president or the president's campaign. thanks, guys. >> can you take one on -- >> sarah -- >> that's it. the white house press conference ending. after it got a little testy
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about a debate about border security strs the wall. we will talk about that in more detail. good afternoon, i'm ali velshi. we are following a busy news day for the president. sarah huckabee sanders wrapping up the press conference. the big topic of the meeting was this meeting about immigration. we got a fascinating inside look at democracy at work while president trump met with lawmakers about immigration this afternoon. the president allowed the press pool to stay inside the meeting more than 50 minutes while members on both sides of the aisle made their voices heard. here's the president's take. >> to me a clean bill is a bill of daca, we take care of that and we also take care of security. that's very rn po. and i think the democrats want security, too. i mean we started off with steady saying want security also. everybody wants security. then we can go to comprehensive later on and maybe that is a longer sub and a bigger subject. i think we can get that done,
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too but we will get it done at a later date. >> then a short time ago senator jeff flake said this happened after the cameras left the meeting. >> after the cameras left there were more things the president expressed more flexibility than some expected. he put a little better definition on what the wall is, and more importantly, what it isn't. saying we are not talking about a 2,000 mile wall. there are rivers. there are mountains that make it unnecessary in certain places. that's what a lot of us have been saying for a long time. by the way, most of it is a fence, not a wall. and also the willingness to say all right there are four items we need to deal with. forget rest. put it off. noter to get the rest but put the rest off. >> can you walk me through the four. >> the four are daca, the protection for the kids, the second would be a border element, which we all recognize needs to be there, democrats and republicans. third, to deal with chain migration in some fashion. certainly, the bipartisan group that we have been working with
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has dealt with chain as it relates to the covered population in daca. i don't think we will be able to ill deal with chain at large. but then with diversity visa, we have long thought that that's fairly -- that's one of the easier things. >> okay. we are going to talk about those things, daca, border security, chain migration, and the visa lottery. this will go down as the day when it got fuzzy the difference between a wall and border security. peter alexander was in the briefing room, garrett haake is following the latest from capitol hill this afternoon. peter let's start with you. there were a lot of topics discussed at this meeting, talked about the president going the davos, talked about immigration reform and the wall. but this got testy. every time somebody tried to ask a specific question having to do with either daca or border security, a relatively canned response semd to some from sarah huckabee sanders. >> ali, i think that's right. the reason this conversation is
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important because whenever talking about immigration, comprehensive immigration reform, amnesty, this is a conversation where word matter. conflating border security with the wall. that's why we are trying to pars the specific was exactly what she means there. when i asked, the president said there were four topics, and the republicans agreed there were four topics in this first phase, visa lottery, chain migration, as well as daca, that affects theu young undocumented so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers in this country, those who were born elsewhere and brought here when they were just children. and beyond that, border security. here's how i pressed her. listen. >> just to be clear, if a president wants a bill of love why don't he drop the demand for the border wall and deal the d.r.e.a.m.ers alone exclusively. >> because you have to have a
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full solution to the problem. you want to make sure you are taking every step in border security and if you fix thing in daca you don't create and exacerbate the problem and have to deal with it again in aer year. the president wants a clean solution to that front. that's what we are going to do. >> what does he do to a 29-year-old in houston who is a paramedic who is now waiting for congress to come up with something or they may get shipped to a country they have never known. >> exactly what he said in that room. let's wok together. figure this out, i'm leading on this effort and bringing all the members that need to be part of the conversation to the tablt table. he said he was confident they were going to get together and got it done. that's what we are going to do. >> reporter: i spoke to that man outside the us who. he told me he feels like there is an expiration date on his head of it's notable that we've been focusing on is march #th. but if you speak to former homeland security secretaries, bipartisan former secretaries of
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that tenant they say the deadline is really january 19th by which they have to have some understanding of what the plan is so they can have the paperwork in place so these men don't really start leaving the country effective immediately. that's why there is urgency right now. >> remarkable that a topic like this is moving forward on those schedules. tear, you are used that. health care, taxes on a tight schedule. jeff flake saying they are focusing on four thing. i'm not sure if you can call it comprehensive immigration reform but they are going to focus on daca, the visa lottery, the issue of chain migration and border security. does that help get more bipartisan support on capitol hill? >> absolutely. the narrower scope here makes it a little bit easier for congress to deal with this. the bigger you get into this concept of comprehensive immigration reform, the weedier it gets, the harder it gets to
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come to an agreement, particularly on a short time line. i think what peter touched on and what we will hear debated a lot over the next weeks is the term about border security. what it means a wall, a wall and something or a wall in addition the other parts. what have you. jeff flake touched on this a little bit. he is the second or third republican senator to say this to me today. and you heard it also from the president. it's increasingly clear that the wall isn't the wall of the trump campaign. that they are talking about a system of fences, of technology, of natural boundaries and borders that's going to be part of this conversation. you heard the president in that meeting essentially negotiating himself off of idea of a 2,000 mile wall and i have heard republican senators, as i said, talking about the idea that it won't be the wall like you are picturing in your mind. but the senate may not be the problem. i asked lindsay graham about this. he was in that meeting. i asked him as what he saw as potentially the big sticking
12:28 pm
points going forward. here's what he told me a little while ago. >> well, the senate is not your problem. we passed comprehensive immigration reform in the senate three times. my colleague in the house are going to have their version of how to solve this problem. the problem has been honestly it guess to the house and it dies. >> reporter: that goes back to what graham said in this meeting too. the president has to close the deal here for anything that deals with a wallish structure and daca to get done. it will take the president convincing conservatives particularly in the house that this is something they can get behind and he will back them out. in the house where they passed an obamacare repeal bill there is probably touchiness of waiting for pregnant backup on a midterm year. >> it's going to get complicated, guys. thanks very much, peter alexander at the white house, garrett haake at capitol hill.
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top house democrats just wrapped up a press conference where they called on republicans for more rigorous investigation into russia and its interference in our elections. that's a quote. they want congress to look into possible collusion during the 2016 election as well as how the u.s. can better protect election systems. this comes as senator diane feinstein, the top democratic on the senate judiciary released the transcript of the testimony of glen simpson. now it's hard to keep this all together. but glen simpson is the cofounder of fusion gps. he worked with christopher steele, who helped this man d this is christopher steele, who helped author the trump russia dossier. the chairman of the committee, grassley, is not happy at all about what feinstein did saying her unilateral decision the release the testimony is made as the committee is still trying to secure testimony from other witnesses including jared kushner. fore more on what's in these 312 paste page i'm joined by kennedy
12:30 pm
lany. was she allowed to do this? >> she was allowed. it seems clear it's in response to the criminal deal of by the republicans against christopher steele. which shows we have partisan bickering. >> we were looking at the senate committee as being for functional as their house equivalents before. what is interesting? >> glen simpson lays out his colleague, christopher steele who was gathering information on donald trump'sallied connections with russians from his russian sources overseas grew so concerned that he reach out to the fbi in july and sat down with his fbi contact in a room in september for what was described as a full debriefing. by that time, steele told simpson and simpson told the committee the fbi had already been told about potential collusion. they had already had an australian diplomat come to them and say george papadopoulos, this campaign aide has told me
12:31 pm
about the russians having some democratic e-mails. so the fbi had already become concerned there was an issue with the trump campaign. we now know they opened a criminal investigation in july of 2016. but steele didn't know that. he grew disillusioned. he thought the fbi wasn't taking his concerns seriously, which is why he and simpson -- this information started making its way to reporters, ali. >> in the end, ken, the senate committee is -- has broken this down into about seven specific things they are asking for. in other words it's not this generalized complaint about collusion with the trump campaign or russian interference in the election. they want congress to look at seven specific things including how state election systems were affected, how we can keep them stronger, how we can deal with social media, disinformation. they have got some sort of an end gauge here? >> that's right. this is congress saying look leave aside what happened in the 2016 election. we have a public policy issue here. we have not dealt with the problem of how we stop the russians from attacking the next
12:32 pm
time. and that's absolutely the case. there has been no whole of government effort to deal with this that we have seen ali. and this is congress saying trump administration get your acting together here are things we can do. we'll see how the administration responds. >> yesterday there was a deadline for twitter and facebook to hand over certain information to the senate intel committee. facebook did, twitter didn't? >> yeah, the senate is really anoud ali. what they were asking for is sort of policies that twitter carries out approximate how it identifies bots and essentially how it can stop this kind of russian election interference evident. they missed the deadline. this is part of a long history of sort of animosity between twitter and the senate committee. twitter in particular seems to be resisting the scrutiny it's debting from congress. >> what you are seeing on the screen is mark warner the top democrat on the committee saying facebook and going he will met the deadline with have nows amounts of information, twitter did not i'm disappointed in twitter. good to see you encan. thank you for joining us.
12:33 pm
>> you bet. >> ken delaney is msnbc's intelligence and national security adviser. up next, the white house's infrastructure plan is there any end to your commute problems. chaos in southern california. heavy rains triggered deadly mudslides and floods sending emergency crews scrambling to rescue residents. we will bring you the latest after the break. r trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs two years in a row. woman: wait! (laughing) i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now. woman 3: i know!
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dramatic rescue operations in southern california. here are live pictures from burbank. a powerful storm triggered mudslides that swept houses off of their foundations. here is some exclusive video from montecito, california, where firefighters had to dig into a home swallowed in mud to save a 14-year-old girl. here she is right after the rescue. a firefighter later explained how they pulled it off. >> the slow methodical process. basically peeling pieces off one by one. and we had lots of large pieces of timber from the home and also debris of fallen trees that we were cutting through. >> unbelievable. officials say at least five people died and there is a backlog of about 75 emergency calls asking for rescues or
12:38 pm
evacuations. this is in a region already reeling from months of deadly wildfires. republicans senator john about rosso says a bipartisan meeting is scheduled to discuss infrastructure with the president's chief economic adviser gary cohn and elaine chou. this comes after the "washington post" reports that president trump sent mixed signals over the weekend on his plan to fix the crisis. he said public private partnerships were unlikely to work. less than 24 hours you later gary cohn delivered a proposal that contradicted the president. it said the administration thought $200 billion in new federal government spending would trigger almost $1 trillion in private spending and local and state spending. why infrastructure? in 2016 the american society of civil engineers estimated that american families would lose upward of $3,000 to $4,000 in disposable income each year because of american
12:39 pm
infrastructure deficiencies. its 2017 report card graded america's infrastructure a d plus. among the list of issues, the report said one out of every five miles of highway pay. is in poor conditions. water mains break each year. 56,000 bryns were structurally defish in 2015. joining me, the u.s. secretary of transportation under president barack obama. he is now the co-chair of the building america's educational future fund. good to have you with us. every president wants infrastructure. we seem to need $1 trillion of infrastructure. we don't keep up on our infrastructure spending but it doesn't get through congress. congress doesn't like to approve spending for thing that people can't sort of see. we all expect the lights to go on, the water to work and the road and bryns not to collapse. there is a lot going on, there is no will to get infrastructure
12:40 pm
done. >> there is no will because it's difficult for congress as you said ali to find the money and it's going to cost trillions of dollars to fix up the infrastructure. you laid out the statistics very well. america is one big pothole. we are in a terrible state of disrepair in america. and congress needs to come to grips with the fact that this needs to be paid for if we are really going to make progress in fixing up infrastructure. >> where the rubber hits the road for people is when they start losing money. usually that money is lost with time. if a energy grid collapses in a storm or a bridge collapses or a water main breaks it starts to affect people. not just that mr. sec. the issue is that if we don't stay ahead of the curve like other countries are doing we end up losing business to those places, places with great communications infrastructure and commuting infrastructure.
12:41 pm
>> no doubt about it. it means kmi opportunities, jobs for our friend and neighbors that build the infrastructure. the point i've been trying to make ali is this. 25 states in the last three years have passed an increase in the gas tax. no politicians have gotten thrown out of office. this has been done in some very conservative states like utah, like wyoming, like iowa, control by all republicans. and my point is we need to have about five pots of money. if we had five pots of money, increase the gas tax, create an infrastructure bank, create opportunities for public/private partnerships create opportunities for tolling. then we have the kind of resource has the american people can see that it's going to be used to fix up their infrastructure. and they know that at that point a lot of progress will be made. >> it's interesting how americans don't embrace public/private partnerships. if you go to an airport, there is government involvement, there is private sector and they try
12:42 pm
to make it work. you said in an op ed in news week to your point about gas taxes the last time the 18.4 cent federal tax was raised was 1993. the cost of everything increased since then. imagine trying to make ends meet in 2003 on the same salary you had in 1993. that is the dire strait of the highway trust fund. at the same time it's going to be impossible to get a gas tax raise. we are not in that kind of political climate. >> well, they had no problem with the tax bill in terms of the kind of taxes that were switched around and changed. and what i say is if 25 states can do it, it means that politicians in those states are willing to make the commitment for infrastructure. and as i said, no politician has been thrown out of office. i say to politicians here in washington, bite the bullet,
12:43 pm
raise the gas tax, create public/private partnership, create a infrastructure bank, create a pot of money and the american people will feel good about the fact that infrastructure is being addressed. >> he is the co-chair of america's building the future the former secretary of transportation. president trump's immigration reform ideas go back to his days on the campaign trail. it shifted a lot in recent months. we heard this somewhat canned answer from sarah huckabee sanders he willier this hour. >> i think the president is setting himself up to achieve what everybody in that room agreed they wanted to see happen. and that is a deal on daca. a deal on border security. talking about chain migration. and visa lottery. that's where we are in this process. those are the four principles. >> all right. let's take a look back at what the president has been saying about run one of those priorities in particular, daca. on meet the press, back in august of 2015, trump told my
12:44 pm
colleague chuck todd he was going to keep families together but that d.r.e.a.m.ers, quote, have to go. then fast forward to september, 2017. attorney general jeff sessions announced he was rescinding daca. that same day president trump then put the ball in congress's court, tweeting kong now has six months to legalize daca, something the obama administration was unable to do. if they can't, i will revisit this issue. then about a week later, president trump tied border security to the daca debate tweeting no deal was made last night on daca. massive border security would have to be agreed to in he can change for consent. would be subject to vote. 20 minutes after that. the president tweeted, does anybody really want to throw out good educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? really? fast forward the december 29th. the president tweeted, the democrats have been told and fully understand there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall at the southern
12:45 pm
border and an end to the horrible chain migration and ridiculous lottery of immigration, et cetera. we must protect our country at all costs. and finally, just a few days ago, the president put the blame on democrats for the daca stalemate, tweeting democrats are doing nothing for daca. just interested in politics. daca activists and hispanics will go hard against democrats. will start falling in love with republicans and their president. we are about results. that's something. finally -- oh, there is more. finally on friday, we found out that the trump administration told congress it wants $18 billion over the next decade for the first phase of president trump's border wall that apparently the mexicans were supposed to build. for more on this, republican congressman carlos war bello from florida who is strongly in favor of finding a personment solution to protect daca recipients. good to see you. i have study daca recipients, i
12:46 pm
studied them every which way you can. if you were picking somebody to come into your country, you would pick them. they are going to school, they have jobs, they can't have felonies, they are doing if a irly well in a country that requires immigration. >> they grew up in our country. they went to school with our own children. they speak perfect ghish. they are working. they are paying taxes. they love our country just as much as anyone else here does. that's why i think it's so important that we continue moving towards that permanent solution. and by the way, i think that meeting at the white house today was probably one of the most productive and possibletive meeting we have had in this country by policy makers in years. i hope the president's disposition and in a of everyone else who was in that room continues here in the coming days and weeks so that we can for the first time in decades advance an immigration policy
12:47 pm
solution that can make at least most if not all americans proud. >> do you have some sense -- part of the problem is, as i just pointed out, it's the prix president's view on this, according to his tweets and public statements, is inconsistent. we are not really sure where he is. there are times i have listened to the president and i think he really means it. he really feels it. he really understands the plight of these d.r.e.a.m.ers. and other times it seems like a cold calculation. do you know or think you know where the president stands on this? >> it appears to me that the president genuinely wants to help these young people, that he understands that they are good immigrants, that they are productive, that they are -- should be welcome here in our country and should be guaranteed a future in our country. i think he also wants to deliver on some of thinks campaign promises, primarily in this case border security. and look there are a lot of republicans like me who are opposed to this concept of building a wall from end to end of the southwest border.
12:48 pm
we know that's not realistic, doesn't make sense, it would be wasteful, but i think there's a lot of room for conversation on strengthening border security and targeting the drug dealers that are very active on the border and employing new technologies like drones, observation towers that can help us control the border. >> that has borne fruit. we have seen in the last year that -- we've seen a reduction in illegal immigration into the united states. there is some fruit to be borne from technology. at some point though this gets to be a problem. democrats in particular -- i know you are a supporter of them doctorers but democrats are feeling some pressure to get deal done before money runs out on this. and the president is asking for $18 billion. what does the milled look like on this? >> we are trying to find that middle. it's going to mean that everyone has to get a little bit uncomfortable. obviously, republicans who for years have decried amnesty,
12:49 pm
which by the way, this would not be an amnesty because these young people did not violate any law. they were brought here as children. and democrats who don't want to give the president any sort of political victory whatsoever. they are going to have to get a little uncomfortable as well, in order for this to work. the reason that we have gotten nothing over years is because both sides have demanded all or nothing of whatever they have been asking for. that cannot happen this time because failure is not an option this time. 800,000 lives are in the balance. so i'm here trying to contribute, to find that center. and i think we will in the coming days. >> thank you for your work on that, sir. congress carlos car bello is a republican from florida. joe arpaio is running for senate. he is hoping to fill the seat being vacated by jeff flake. the president pardoned arpaio in august after the former sheriff was convicted of contempt of
12:50 pm
court after being accused of profiling latinos. his main goal to to defend trump's policy agendas. he is 85 years old and joins an kelley ward is in that race and martha mcsally is going to announce her plans to run or not. the former chief strategist used the words treasonous and unpatriotic to describe his meeting with a group of russians. because of my diabetic nerve pain. i hear you, claire, because my dad struggled with this pain. folks, don't wait. step on up and talk to your doctor. because the one thing i keep hearing is... i'm glad i stepped on up. me too, buddy. if you have diabetes
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yeah, i got some financialbody guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners.
12:54 pm
nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. we're back with a check on the markets. another very, very strong day. all three major indexes hitting highs today. the dow at one point jumping 153 points. it's up 105 right now. hitting an intraday record. the nasdaq rose .2% and all this brings with it a hint of optimism ahead of earnings seasons, there's no way to cut this any other way, the markets are doing well. president trump grant ed -- amid reports of chaos within the
12:55 pm
trump administration from michael wolf's controversial book "fire and fury." earlier wolf sat down with my colleague andrea mitchell and talked about a white house that's struggling to get information to the commander in chief. >> not only does he not read, and this is at a level, certainly we have never seen before in the white house. of someone who just won't consume written information, language, doesn't want it. but that's not the only problem. the other problem is that he doesn't listen. >> now as wolf continues to defend the details in his book, the former white house chief strategist steve bannon is defending his position as a crucial voice in trumpism. he was quoted in wolf's book calling the 2016 meeting at
12:56 pm
trump tower treasonous and unpatriotic. >> isn't his actions, weather it's destroying it's situation in the middle east or rebuilding the economy here and unlocki -- >> rich lowry is the editor for the national review. i was away last week i so i washed this from the outside. it was unclear to me in a battle no one saw coming, between bannon and trump, a full public battle, who's winning? >> it's very bad for steve bannon. maybe trump was just yanking his chain, but that initial statement was quite withering. now they're making people choose between trump and bannon and now everybody is going with trump. so it seems as if they want to reduce him to a smoldering pile of rubble and it seems as if they're having success.
12:57 pm
>> you wrote there will be much speculation about what the trump-bannon falling out means for trump's base, the answer is nothing, trump's base is trump's. no one ever voted for steve bannon. this is interesting because while trump's base is trump, it's almost like steve bannon gave him a path to that base when his candidacy was faltering. >> i do think when bannon and kellyanne conway and bocame in, stablized trump in some way. but i do think his role has been exaggerated especially as much as i can tell. he just sat at his desk and leaked to reporters like michael wolf. and eventually that's going to catch up to you, and if you want to be a trump loyalist, don't criticize the family. but bannon couldn't help
12:58 pm
himself. >> you say don't criticize the family, but we had known for a long time that it had been bannon versus the family or bannon versus kushner on the other side. is there a way for bannon to make this work and to erase the damage that the book has done? >> we see him groveling now. >> that's not a normal posture. >> his ethic is i'm never going to back down and i'm never going to apologize. i'm the honey badger, but the honey badger is bowing and scraping now. i don't think his stature in trump world will ever be the same. let's listen to what he said to stephen colbert. >> everybody in the white house had their own press secretary, jarrett had a press secretary, steve bannon had a press secretary, why are there so many leaks in this white house? that's what they did all day
12:59 pm
long? >> so everyone's spinning their own pr all the time? >> there's these little saps going out and talking to the press all day long. >> so this problem that michael work describes actually stems from the choice of steve of stave. there's a lot of advice -- in the end he didn't do that and bannon got to run amok and do his own thing and then everyone sort of copied that and had their own pr operation. has that been fixed as far as you can tell? >> it's been shored up. i don't know if it will ever be fixed because you have this wild card at the top and that's donald trump. he didn't want to be controlled. and now it's always the way he operated, now he does have a chief of staff that he respects
1:00 pm
a lot, but he can't control the tweets and all the statements. we have a president who's creating constantly a sense of crisis, even though the white house under him is running better than it had in the past. >> that does it for me, thank you for watching deadline the white house with nicole wallace starts right now. hi, everyone. almost caught me with my glasses on. it's 4:00 in new york, it was margaret thatcher who said if you want something said ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman. senator dianne feinstein, the chairman of the judiciary committee released 10,000 of testimony from the firm behind the dossier, fusion gps, feinstein saying today, quote, the innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation in p


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